MacMurray Ranch

Kate MacMurray

At Home Amid the Grapevines

For Kate MacMurray, the hillside vineyards and tree-lined meadows of the historic MacMurray Ranch are home. "This a timeless place," says Kate. "You can feel the rich history here, and you can taste it in our wines."

Kate was just six weeks old when her parents, famed Hollywood actors Fred MacMurray and June Haver, brought her to the incredible ranch that had been in the MacMurray family since 1941. She grew up here, riding horses and playing amid the oak trees.

Following a Hollywood career in acting, screenwriting and film production, Kate returned to the Russian River Valley, where she now lives in a cabin built by her father. As an integral part of MacMurray Ranch wines, Kate has a deep appreciation for viticulture and winemaking. She is actively engaged in Sonoma's thriving wine community, carrying on her family's legacy and the heritage of MacMurray Ranch.