MacMurray Ranch

The Ranch

An Enchanted Place

Nestled in the Middle Reach of Sonoma's Russian River Valley, our ranch has been a farmstead since the 1850s, when Col. George Porter built a home here for his family beside a small stream - now called Porter Creek - that flows into the nearby Russian River. Generations of Porters farmed livestock and crops on the rich silt soils of the valley floor until Hollywood legend Fred MacMurray bought the ranch in 1941. Fred embraced the rancher's lifestyle, raising prize-winning cattle, while his children rode horses through the hills.

Wine grapes were first planted here in the mid-1990s. Today, 450 acres of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris vines flourish where cattle once roamed. The original buildings have been faithfully restored, and the 1,500-acre property is now home to old-growth oaks, redwood trees, birds and indigenous wildlife. And, of course, our collection of world-class wines.